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    Christian Sinclair

    Congratulations on the new endeavor! I will be an early subscriber!

    Pauline Chen

    Thanks, Christian. Your blog,, continues to be an inspiration!

    David Elpern

    Congratulations on your new column. The September 11th essay was excellent. If you have a chance, read my comment there.

    Boston is a Mecca for sentient physician writers. Perhaps, it began with FW Peabody, but it continues with R. Coles, A. Gawande, R. Groopman, P, Klass and you. (The list is much longer but I don't want to bore you).

    Best wishes,


    Wendy S. Harpham, MD

    Congratulations, Dr. Chen. And thank you.

    Your new blog has had over 300 comments in its first day, a true testament to the need for this type of discussion.

    I'm a physician (internal medicine) and long term cancer survivor who has been writing and speaking about "Healthy Survivorship" for years. I look forward to reading your weekly column and learning from both you and the comments.

    I blogged about you today on my blog for Healthy Survivors, hoping to spread the word:

    With hope, Wendy

    Pauline Chen

    Dear Wendy,

    Thank you for supporting the new column and for taking the time to read the column and to post.

    Thank you, too, for mentioning me on your blog and the link. I am really looking forward to reading your work.

    All best,
    (Hope that you and yours are doing okay after Ike).

    Pauline Chen

    Dear DJE,

    I'm honored by your kind words.

    Which Comment # is yours? I've read every comment (several times, in fact) and have been moved by many of them.

    All best,


    Wish you all the best...

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