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    Kirti Patel

    I use facebook/twitter/my blog for only personal use. In my opinion, it is important with health related stuff to keep this as personal as possible, meaning actually speaking on the phone and seeing a patient in person.


    I just started reading your book "Final Exam" yesterday. I was wondering if doctors in other countries have as many difficulties with treating dying patients as people do in America.

    I'm asking this because I can see that many Spanish/Hispanic movies show a different attitude towards death. In movies they are much more accepting of it. And funerals (in Peru) are quite different than those I have attended in the United States.

    Italian Rocket

    I'm sure that Twitter, Facebook etc are great for keeping up to date with patient relationships, the problem is that it's just another thing that you have to do, and I would guess that people are busy enough.

    Pauline Chen

    Dear Amy,

    My sense is that there are variations, as doctors are influenced not only by their professional culture but also by the culture they grew up with.

    All best,

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